FAQ’s for Parents

What should I do if I suspect my child has sustained a concussion?

Remove your child from play.  Do not let them return if they are showing any signs or symptoms of a concussion.  A good guideline to go by is “when in doubt, sit them out.”  Have your child evaluated by a healthcare professional.  (Click here to find a list of providers in the Omaha area).


It didn’t appear that my child was hit that hard.  Can they really have sustained a concussion?

Yes.  While research is being done of the amount of force needed to sustain a concussion, many other factors apply.  A fairly benign looking hit may result in a concussion while a hit that appears very forceful or even violent may not result in any symptoms at all.  Each hit and mechanism of injury is different and each injury is different.


My child was diagnosed with a concussion.  Should I wake them up every hour to make sure they are okay?

It is fine to let your child sleep through the night without waking them every couple of hours.  In fact, this is an excellent opportunity for the brain to “truly” rest.  Check on your child by feeling for a pulse and listening/feeling for breathing.


The doctor has cleared my child to return to sports, but they don’t seem to be acting like themselves yet.  Should I go ahead and let them play?

If you suspect that your child’s injury has not fully resolved, do not hesitate to keep them out of play.  Communicate your concerns to your child’s coach, athletic trainer, or physician.  You may consider contacting one of the ConcussionFocus team members.


The above quesitons and answers were taken from http://www.carolinasportsconcussionclinic.com/resources/faq-for-parents/